Handcrafted bicycle frames of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (cfrp)

I’m very interested in the material carbon fibre and in my free time I make handcrafted bicycle frames. With a variable device, I can choose every frame geometry. An adjustment of the human size is possible. I make a point of a very high quality of the production and a high security of the frame. Moreover I attune the frame design to the human personality. Human and machine are one unit.

I build a worldwide unique bicycle frame, which is attune in the geometry, external form and coloured design to the wishes and human size of the driver.

First frame of cfrp

The positive form consists of expanded polystyrene, which is very pressure stable. At my two friends Ingo and Klaus I’ve learned the handcraft to laminate a bicycle frame. The frame is complete calculated with the finite element analysis. Regions with lower loads have less material. The Airbrush was made by Ingo.

Second frame of cfrp

In the same year I’ve built a second frame for a friend. Now I can use the experience of the first frame. I used high module carbon fibres and vacuum technology. For this reason the frame is very light and rigid. All cables are in the inside of the tubes.

Project in the future:

  • I help a friend with his carbon tandem
  • Mountain bike frame for a friend
  • A lighter and better frame for my racing bike
  • A carbon frame for my travelling bike
  • Perhaps an own carbon tandem

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    Hi. I'm Daniel John. I'm on a bycicle tour from September to November 2008 through the United States, New Zealand and Australia. Join me.

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