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Hello, I’m Daniel. I was born in 1981 and I live in a small village called Stein. This village is situated circa 20 kilometers to the north of Chemnitz.

After my apprenticeship to become a “moule maker/ pattern maker” I decided to study engineering. I finished successfully my studies in the summer of 2008.

Cycling has already fascinated me as I attended the 8th class. Every day I, no matter what kind of weather, I went to school with my beloved bike. Over the years I joined many different cycle races, e.g. with a mountain-bike. In the end, I discovered my great interests for marathons and travelling by bike. My first bicycle tours I made on my own. One year later, I made some good friends which accompanied me on my beautiful, exciting tours through Europe.

This autumn/fall (AE) I am going to make a 3 months trip around the world from September to November. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a travel partner and my friends don’t have time cause of their jobs or their interest for other hobbies.

The journey contains 3 parts:

  • 1 month North America
  • 1 month New Zealand
  • 1 month Australia

In the first part of my trip I will go to Seattle, then across the USA to Los Angeles. My goals for this amazing country are:

  • cycling way up to the gigantic Rocky Mountains
  • visiting the numerous National Parks with its hundred years old redwood trees
  • crossing through the deserts of Nevada
  • cycling on the famous Highway No. 1 along the shore and
  • visiting the districts of L. A., e.g. Hollywood and the Beverly Hills

The second month of my trip I am going to spend on New Zealand. Start and Finish will be Auckland on the North-Island. In the land of Maori and the setting of “The Lord of the Rings” I will cross all the beautiful sites of Mother Nature like the white sandy beaches, the high mountains, the green meadows and the rain forest.

When winter slowly reaches Germany, I will cycle at very high temperatures the last 3.000 kilometers through the North of Australia. It is one of the most beautiful continents, but also the one with a lot of dangerous animals. This part of the journey contains a short detour to the Outback of the Aborigines and the discovering of the North Coast to the northern rain forest. At the end of November, I will fly home again from the airport of Sydney.

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    Hi. I'm Daniel John. I'm on a bycicle tour from September to November 2008 through the United States, New Zealand and Australia. Join me.

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